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Medical Mission

organised by ACIM ASIA
Sampaloc, Rizal, (Near Manila) Philippines
July 25 - 31, 2009

Preparation: July 25-26

The new missionaries are ready

Fr. Daniel Couture and the
faithful Yolly Gamutan, RN

Rain, mosquitoes, choking heat, could not stop the determination of these sixty volunteers of the whole world. They came from Ireland (1), England (1), France (22), South Korea (5), Singapore (1), USA (3) and the Philippines (35). They all came to extend a loving hand to those acquainted with dereliction and poverty.

This year’s location – Sampaloc, Rizal, at about 2 hours East of Manila – welcomed the generous Oblates and Bethanians, who came to add to the Catholic nature of our mission. In spite of all this good will, we expect the mission to be difficult.

Many tons of gravel have to be spread, bucket after bucket ,
by Fr Marcille SSPX and his team, to cover the muddy ground

We are far for the ‘comfort’ of last year, thanks to the governor of Sarangani province. Here, no gymnasium, no policemen in charge of order. Alone, the little chapel of St Philomena seems to be awaiting the participants of this third Medical Mission.

Tarps have been set up to protect the patients and the medical team from the monsoon rains. At one moment, all hands had to be summoned to get the bus out of the muddy road shoulder.

Nearly two tons of medicine have been collected and are awaiting in their boxes to be organized on simple planks. Thousands of rosaries and scapulars will be given out, since the majority of people are Catholic.

boxes of medical supplies ready for use

2 tons of medicine which arrived
in the middle of the night

The first mass of the mission was celebrated by Fr. Daniel Couture for the volunteers and the local faithful to draw charity at its divine source. A few yards away, in a tiny chapel, hidden in the midst of poor people’s homes, two other masses are said.

Holy Mass to start the Mission

The heart of the Medical Mission :
the Daily Sacrifice of the Mass

Tons of water fall and rip a grey sky, everyone’s fatigue from long intercontinental trips is slowly overcome, and the missionaries are ready to meet tomorrow’s challenge…

The volunteers being ‘oriented’ before “D-Day”

In the last two Medical Missions, 5,000 patients were treated. What can we expect this time? Actually numbers don’t really matter when charity is in everyone’s heart…]

Near the chapel, children play the old time favorite: marbles.