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Medical Mission

organised by ACIM ASIA
Santa Barbara, Iloilo, Philippines

Day 0 - February 24

After months of preparation, it is finally Day 0 of the 7th Edition of Rosa Mystica Medical Mission. This year we find ourselves in Santa Barbara, near Iloilo, in the center of the Philippines. Iloilo is the home of Doctora Mary June Viray, the President of ACIM ASIA, and everyone is happy to be in her home ground for the first time.

Filipino children

Let the little children come to ME!

A refreshing breeze, along with vibrant flowers and sunshine greet the volunteers arriving from all over the world. As in past Missions, they come mostly from France, but also from the USA, Singapore, Belgium, Malaysia and even Poland (for the second time!). All are ready to work together for the greater glory of God, the salvations of souls and the healing of bodies.

areal view of the Philippines

Philippines Here we come

The day began with the Holy Mass at the SSPX Brothers’ Noviciate of St Bernard Noviciate, located on a 12 acres rice farm, a few miles away from the municipality of Sta Barbara. Fr. Daniel Couture, the District Superior of Asia reminded the volunteers to see Our Lord in every person they would meet during the 5 day Mission. The volunteers are not here merely for humanitarian purposes. What makes our Mission different from the other medical missions taking place in various places in the Philippines is our traditional Catholic character. We are here to heal souls as well as bodies. If every volunteer could say one short ejaculatory prayer for each person he comes in contact with, all the patients will go home with a ‘bag of prayers’ along with their vitamins and medication!

Rosa Mystica welcome banner

The welcome banner put up by the mayor of Sta Barbara

The HQ of Rosa Mystica 7

The HQ of Rosa Mystica 7

This year we have our HQ at the municipal health center in Sta Barbara, next to the gym where the Mission takes place. A great location and wonderful facilities. The volunteers took their brunch in their HQ after the Sung mass at the Noviciate, and, in the afternoon, we had a long orientation session: each volunteer presented himself, and received his assigned post and the necessary instructions related to it. Volunteers come with many various talents and professions: In addition to physicians and nurses, there are medical students, lab. technicians, physical therapists, pharmacists, dentists and ophthalmologists! Moreover one does not need to have a medical background in order to help the Mission. Indeed, we have secretaries and even a gunsmith-hunter-lumberjack who came from France, who said he wanted to come to the Mission to bring happiness to others. In fact, anyone who comes with true charity in his soul can help the Mission.

Father Couture with Mission volunteers

The orientation talk on Sunday afternoon

Fr. Couture told the volunteers how strangely Divine Providence can work. The patients come to the Mission seeking help for their bodily ailments, but in addition they will find medicine for their soul. The priests enroll hundreds after hundreds in the brown scapular, hear confessions, give the last rites and even baptism if necessary. We see how sickness can be a blessing in disguise. Perhaps some would never have received what was necessary for their eternal salvation, if their sickness had not brought them to the Mission!

We also have Oblate sisters from the House of Bethany who hand out rosaries, holy cards and provide catechism to the children and their parents. The brothers and postulants from St Bernard Noviciate are also here. The presence of the religious habit is quite a boost in the midst of a busy Mission. It is a constant reminder of the ever present merciful and fatherly God.

After the orientation session, the remainder of the day was spent setting up the Mission: tables and hundreds of chairs at the site. This is a gym divided into numerous sections: the registration, medical history, vital signs, then the areas for the adult patients, children, dentists, x-rays, ophthalmologists, pharmacy and referrals for those who need to go to the hospital. We also have in a separate section an onsite laboratory and a room for minor surgeries.

In the evening, while the whole pharmacy, still in boxes, is carried to the gym by the volunteers, our two eye-doctors who just arrived from Manila, with the help of some volunteers, sort out the 500 or so pairs of eye glasses donated to the Mission from abroad. Without such donations of supplies and funds, and especially without the prayers offered for our cause, it would be impossible to have such amazing medical Mission.

All for the greater glory of God!


from the USA, at the Mission for the second time

St Bernard Noviciate

SSPX Brothers' Noviciate

The Noviciate bold project for the glory of God

Laying earthquake-proof fondations

Laying earthquake-proof fondations