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ACIM-ASIA Association Catholique des Infirmieres et des Medecins
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The Catholic Association of the Nurses and Doctors, Asian branch, is a professional association. It seeks to assist all those who work in the medical domain, but also those who are interested in the great ethical questions that surface with time by the discoveries of science or the trends of opinion.


Rosa Mystica Mission Blog

Medical Mission 2015:

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Dr. Dickès giving a lecture

  Dr. Dickès giving a lecture in
  Iloilo Doctors' Hospital,
  in the Philippines, February 20, 2004

St Raphael's Notebooks no. 2

   by Dr. Dickès
To Live and Let Die
   Fr. Iscara
   A study prepared by the Academy of Catholic
   Traditional Biomedical Ethics
Declaration on Euthanasia
   Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
The Hippocratic Oath
   By Yolly Eileen A. Gamutan R.N.
Allocution To Doctors On The Moral Problems Of Analgesia
   By Pope Pius XII
The New Sacrament of Extreme Unction
   From a study of Father Juan Carlos Ceriani
News about Euthanasia
   Belgian lawmakers propose euthanasia for children
   Physician Charged Guilty of Unjustified Euthanasia
   New Zealand Euthanasia Advocate Still a Community Risk, Still in Prison
   Bulgaria Imposes Ban On Euthanasia
   Survey Reveals Dutch Doctors Prefer Terminal Sedation
   Catholic Doctors Criticize Nonconsensual Euthanasia of Children in Holland
   Cost Containment Motive For Euthanasia
   Forced Euthanasia?
   Involuntary Euthanasia in Britain

  mission statement  

Abortion, Contraception, Sterilization

Singapore Budgets S$300M to Increase Birth Rate
4 Cebuano legislators vow to block 2-child policy bill
The bishops and abortion
Vatican defends anti-condom stand on AIDS Day

Artificial Procreation

Ruling Against Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Seen as "Callous"
French Bishops Against British Human Cloning Permit
Vatican slams human cloning
Korean Prof. Hwang Woo-seok Avoiding Ethical Problems
Japan Govt Panel OKs Some Human Embryo Cloning: Media

Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia, and Futile Care Theory

Vatican Convenes on End-Of-Life Care for Vegetative Nutrition for Vegetative Necessary
Mercy Killing Bill Debated
European Court of Human Rights Rules for Right to Life of Disabled
Suing for Right to Live

Genetic Engineering, Manipulation and Enhancement

Babies Made to Order
Should designer babies be permitted?

  mission statement  

The Doctor: Executioner of the Future?



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